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SOFTCOVER COLOR PROBLEMS by Emily Noyes Vanderpoel

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The most vast and exciting publishing project The Circadian Press has been involved in to date, COLOR PROBLEMS reproduces the original 1902 Color Theory masterpiece by artist and historian Emily Noyes Vanderpoel.

Lined with 117 color illustrations, this abstract and poetic book has been properly reprinted here for the first time since 1903.

Emily was a remarkable and tenacious academic mind working at the dawn of the 20th century. Alongside a rigorously studied examination of the principals of color theory, her gridded Color Analysis works predict abstract art movements by decades, while her quiet experiential Color Note watercolors denote a particular sensitivity to time and place.

Emily's principal motivation was to make color theory available to every person, not just artists or people in graphic trades. Her idea that homemakers and everyday people could benefit from a better understanding of color was a radical democratization of a previously niche discipline.

The Circadian Press has teamed with longtime collaborator Sacred Bones Books to reproduce and distribute this seminal text.

This is the SOFTCOVER version of the book.